Need help with a really long hard riddle?

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cuyler a asked:

This question is all about weddings. Six couples are getting married on 6 consecutive days in May. However the vicar marrying them all has got his papers mixed up. After reading through the information, he has the following clues.

Use the clues to work out who is marrying who, The order they will marry, the time of their wedding ceremony, the type of cake at their wedding, the type of ring they have and of course, where they will get married.


1The wedding with a chocolate cake is between Janes wedding and the Milton Keynes Wedding.
2Alan's wedding is between the one that starts at 11am and Isobel's wedding.
3The wedding with a spiced cake is between Kates wedding and the one that starts at 3pm.
4The wedding in Hull happens at least a day before the one with a green tea cake.
5Bill gets married before the wedding that starts at Midday.
6The wedding with a chocolate cake happens after the wedding that starts at 11am.
7The wedding in Hull happens after the one with an Onyx ring.
8Kate gets married after Lina.
9Alan's wedding is after the one with a Pearl ring.
10The wedding at 1pm happens at least a day before Gloria's wedding.
11The wedding with a green tea cake is either a day before or after the wedding that starts at 3pm.
12Isobel's wedding is either a day before or after the one in Liverpool.
13The weddings with fruit cake and carrot cake happen on back to back days.
14Hanna gets married either the day before or after the one with a chocolate cake.
15Either the day before or the day after Frank's wedding is the wedding that starts at 9am.
16The wedding with a diamond ring is either the day before or the day after Isobel's.
17Eric get's married either the day before or the day after the wedding with a ruby ring.
18David and Kate get married on consecutive days. Maybe David first, maybe Kate first.
19David has a ruby ring at his wedding.
20The carrot cake has to be at a wedding that starts at 11am.
21Bill is marrying Jane.
22Frank is getting married in Harrow.
23Alan has an emerald ring.
24Eric is the first to get married. He will get married in Coventry.
25Carl is getting married. One wedding starts at 5pm. One wedding is in Bournemouth. One wedding has a cream cake. One wedding has a sapphire ring.

if you're not answering at least leave a strategy on how i can solve this.

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One Response to “Need help with a really long hard riddle?”
  1. Ear Ringing says:

    Archery Hunting Equipment

    Well this isn’t a riddle but a puzzle

    I do these all the time and unless you’re a spacial mathematical genius you’ll need to work it out on paper with charts/notes or at least one table

    I’ll work on it a post the answer, I love these there so fun, but until then, as it will probably take a while I’ll leave you with something of a brief strategy guide

    Make a Table
    - make a table 6 rows (order)
    - and 6 columns one for groom, one for bride, cake, ring, time and place

    and read through and fill out as you go some are obvious (Eric is first)
    then re-read hints and re-read

    It not until After hint 24 Tells you Eric is first you can put Hint 17 to use
    Eric wedding can’t be after anybody’s wedding if it first so I has to be before Ruby-rings wedding make it number 2

    you may need to make other helper chart or time line

    You’ll have to think out side the box a bit
    Hint 6 says The wedding with a chocolate cake happens after the wedding that starts at 11am the obvious hint is that the Chocolate cake wedding and 11am wedding are different days but it also tells you that the chocolate cake is not first (meaning not Eric’s)

    You’ll have to combine hints and find answers with process of elimination

    Have Fun

    ~~~~~ Edit: Answers
    I stopped to eat and forgot about it for a while but I found it & finished it

    Now this isn’t the best I’ve seen and there’s actually multiple Solutions, but there’s far more combinations that don’t work

    But first a few more tips if you still want to try
    - I thought Between meant in between so all 3 wedding are consecutive, it doesn’t
    - Cross out hints you’ve used up to help focus on whats left
    - You’ll probably have to guess at some point unless you can think way ahead
    - Before guessing there should be many cells that you narrow down to two possible choices

    Here’s one solution
    1: Eric & Lina – Fruit Cake – Pearl – 1pm – Coventry
    2: David & Hanna – Carrot – Ruby – 11am – Milton Keynes
    3: Frank & Kate – Chocolate – Onyx – 5pm – Harrow
    4: Alan & Gloria – Spiced – Emerald – 9am – Hull
    5: Bill & Jane – Cream – Diamond – 3pm – Liverpool
    6: Carl & Isobel – Green Tea – Sapphire – Midday – Bournemouth

    Alt solutions (only two rows are different)

    In row 1 & 3 the rings and times can be switched if you keep all other boxes the same creating 4 possibilities

    They’re may be other solutions, but I’m not sure

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