Navel piercing bleeding?

July 21, 2010 by admin  
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rikki asked:

i just got my navel pierced yesterday, and when i woke up this morning it was bleeding. i slept on my back and side if that makes any difference? i just cleaned it, but it continues to bleed. is this normal? i also already have the hypoallergenic titanium ring so that my skin isn't so sensitive to it.

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    Hmm. I got my navel pierced a couple years ago, i know mine bled a bit, but when i woke up it was usually just dried up blood. If it keeps bleeding and your worried about it i would go back to where you got it pierced and ask them about it.
    hope i helped! =)

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    It’s normal hun. Belly piercings do sometimes bleed a bit for the first few days. If you’re really worried about it, go back to your piercer and talk to them about it.

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    Just keep cleaning it.
    You don’t know what you did all last night, you could have tossed & turned and accidently hurt it.
    But if he keeps up for alot longer you need to call the place you got it pierced at, & ask them what you should do next.

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