my bathroom sink?

July 22, 2010 by admin  
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esmarelda asked:

i have a white kinda-glass sink in the bathroom that is very new and my titanium ring hit on the edge of the sink and left a obvious looking mark,what is the best thing to do to remove it or to hide it,plz help

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    It depends on what “kinda glass” means. If it’s fberglass you can sand it out with some fine sandpaper. If it’s porceline you can get touch-up paint from any hardware store or just use some nail polish that matches. or you can buff it out with a rotary tool. Good luck

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    You may have to elaborate on ‘kinda-glass’ as this may dictate how to actually clean it and with what product. But please be careful. Check out some of my cleaning tips. Best of luck.

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