Mens’ Ring Tungsten Carbide with Celtic Design

December 17, 2010 by admin  
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FrankAffiliand asked:

Ring made to last forever! This ring is suitable as a gift or as an affordable wedding ring. It is made from Tungsten carbide, the second hardest after diamonds. Due to the hardness of tungsten, it cannot be hand engraved, only laser engraved. This ring is therefore virutally scratch proof! It is etched with a Celtic design. Perfect to celebrate your Irish-Celtic heritage. The ring is 8mm in width and has a comfortable fit. Read more at Transcript of video:- Celtic Design Ring For Men 8mm wide, tungsten carbide (next hardest after diamonds.) 5 star rating on Huge customer satisfaction. Classy, shiny. Excellent quality in the etching. Scratch proof too. Durable, built to last. Can take a pounding. A heavier, solid masculine ring. Comfortable even when working with hands. Huge customer satisfaction on See reviews by clicking



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