mens leather bracelets. i just want it plain?

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Evan W asked:

for my birthday my cousin bought me a plain leather band bracelet from american eagle. it was plain, except for the logo, with two snaps, and about two inches wide. i lost it, but really liked it. more importantly, i dont want them to know i lost it. they seem to have been wiped from teh face of the earth. all ae has now is skinny ones, which i dont like. who knows where to find a plain 2 inch leather band? it doesnt have to be ae even though i would prefer it. thanx!

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  1. Mens Rings

    try on the website for ae they might just have stop sellin them in the stores

  2. Dog Supplies

    I’ve seen some at Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle. Try there!!

  3. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Clearance at American Eagle:

    American Eagle on eBay:

    If you can’t get any of them, search “Men’s leather cuff,” “Men’s leather bracelet,” or “Men’s leather wristlet” on eBay.
    Good luck! ?

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