Men’s engagement ring? Which one looks better?

February 24, 2010 by admin  
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twiztidangel asked:

I want to buy a ring for my man...which one?

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  1. 18K Gold Bracelet

    I like the second or third one…
    Not to catchy…. :)

    I really like the Second One. :) )

  2. Tungsten Rings

    I would go for the titanium ring.

  3. Sterling Silver Boxes

    titanium is very popular. Can’t go wrong there

  4. Mens Rings

    The third one (style without a lot of flash). The first if you got it in gold.

  5. Dog Supplies

    An engagement ring for a guy? Is he going to wear it beside his wedding band? Obviously, it should look good with the wedding band he has chosen. Why would you not let him choose the ring he wants to wear? Why choose something that a bunch of anonymous people on Yahoo have selected for you?

  6. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Well first I do not like the first one at all sorry. But the other two are great. It is really hard to decide between them. I have always bought my fiance titanium rings and for our wedding I still bought titanium but it is black and I had the inside engraved. I got the ring and I love it but I feel it doesn’t pop as much as a silver one would. He loves the ring though so he will keep it. Either of those rings are awesome and I am sure he will love which ever One yu give him. Pick the one you think he would like the best and go with it.

  7. Dog Supplies

    These are wedding rings not engagement rings, get him something with a diamond in it and that way he can wear it next to his wedding band.

  8. Camping Gear says:

    titanium ring

    i like 2 and 3…3 is a little dark, so it may not suit him, but i like it. number 1 looks like a mans equivilant of a cocktail ring…just for show.

  9. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The second I think looks the best.
    Have you looked at

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  10. Video Games

    It’s a tough choice between the second and third. Going with the second you will have better luck because of the tungsten.

  11. Mens Rings says:

    Camping Gear

    the third ring looks much nicer then the first two rings.

  12. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    I didn’t like the first one.. too much.
    I like the third one better than the second.. more stylish. Both are nice.

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