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jean reno asked:

I've recently had my ear pierced and am looking to get an earring but would like some peoples opinions 1st on what they think looks good and what to steer clear from, any advice is much appreciated thanks.

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    Just please do me a favor and DON”T get those round cirlce thing.

    Smaller is better. I would go with a stud.

  2. Flea and Tick Medications

    I personally would not get my ear pierced being a guy but thats solely your own opinion but I would say dont get anything too big or standoutish and make sure whatever you choose make sure it is real and not fake b/c that could infect your ear and cause alot of pain

  3. Ear Ringing

    get a stud.

    don’t get anything that dangles >.

  4. Make Beer says:

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    I don’t know what your style is, but no matter what don’t get any sort of hoop earring.
    if it’s just one ear then I’m assuming, you don’t want gauges or anything of that sort.
    so what you want like a diamond earring or something? I guess if you really don’t want to spend very much money, you could stroll into Claire’s, or a store like that, and pick up a cheap pair of cubic zirconium earrings.

    if you went and got your ear pierced, I would think that you would have a good idea of what you wanted because if you put the wrong earring in, you’ll look like you’re wearing your mom’s earring.

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