Men, out of these things which do you think i should buy my boyfriend for his bday?

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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Natty asked:

He's turning 26. He is one of those guys who dresses masculine, but fashionably. [LRG mostly] do you think this is a cool gift or is it too girly? I don't want to get him something he won't like, or thinks is 'gay'. he wears jewelry sometimes. he has alot of watches already. To give you an idea of his style, he has one that is a style like this, except the loops are bigger:


which out of these 3???
**i just want to get him one of these in addition to a day of fun out and about and a naughty night :) **

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5 Responses to “Men, out of these things which do you think i should buy my boyfriend for his bday?”
  1. Camping Gear

    I would like the second one:but that is just my opinion.

  2. mens bracelet

    the second one, i think he would think the first one is gay and the third one looks like bearings.

  3. Tungsten Rings

    - hey butterfl !

    - personally, I would go for the:

    #1 – on the right side: a – the Titanium & Braided Cable 1 is totally awesome or b- The Stainless Steel Chain is pretty cool 2.
    - all the other 1′s I think look pretty lame & gay.

    #2 – on the right side again: a – (same as above “a”) the Titanium 1, AWESOME or b – the Stainless Steel Men’s Stingray Texture Bracelet is also totally AWESOME as just as cool.

    -#3 all lame & kinna gay.

    - I’m sure he’d find the 1′s I pick pretty cool & they would make for a GREAT gift.

    - good luck

  4. Mens Rings says:

    Mens Rings

    If you really want to make him happy, get him a hooker.

  5. Camping Gear

    i am torn between the second and third. the first is definitely gay and the fourth is not cool. my vote is for the second though.

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