Large emerald set into a ring,does the 4k after 14k mean it’s a 4 karat emerald?

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My Dad gave me a ring that he found years ago in Hawaii,It's goregus!It looks hand crafted or antique,and it has 3 diamons and a large emerald set in a very unique way.It has 14k and 4k stamped into the gold,I know what 14k is it's 14 karat gold,does the 4k mean the karats of the emerald?I am wanting to find out if it's real,do you think a jewelry shop would tell me for free if it's real or not?I know I have to pay for an appraisal, but I want to see what I can find out on my own first.The ring looks really valuable!it doesn't have cz or anything else stamped into it either.Thanks!!
My cubic zirconia costume ring has the cz stamped into it and 14k.

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    Usually the weight of the s tone is not stamped into the gold on the mounting, as the jeweler had no idea originally what stone would be set into the mounting. Any jeweler will help you with the size of the stone and appraisal, but it will come with a price.

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