Ladies, how big is too big for a wedding ring?

February 26, 2010 by admin  
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Ray K asked:

The other C's big is too big for engagement ring? I'm thinking anything bigger than 2 carats is too big? BTW, looking for advice on an Emerald cut stone.

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17 Responses to “Ladies, how big is too big for a wedding ring?”
  1. Tungsten Rings

    well, if it gets cought into everything.. it’s too big…

  2. Vintage Classic Cars

    I don’t know much about size but keep in mind what kind of lifestyle she leads. Is she active, work with her hands? At that point, a big diamond will just get in the way.

  3. emerald ring says:

    Camping Gear

    I wouldn’t know….I don’t have one….whahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  4. Men’s Diamond Ring

    Only if it is heavier than you is it too big! hehe.
    Honestly as big as you want is fine, since the tradition is a Band that follows make that sucker huge!
    Mine is 3 C. (but its not a diamond as I am not a fan). So do whatever makes you happy.

    Make her really happy and get 3……….. All the other girls will be jealous. And all girls want to be talked about for having a guy buy her the biggest ring of her friends!

  5. Bowhunting says:

    Mens Rings

    If the ring falls off – it is TOO big! But seriously, anything over 1 carats is ostentatious, or too gaudy. And emerald cuts are amazing looking.

  6. Silver Cigarette Cases

    I would agree. 2 is the max but 1 1/2 should be the min…….and emerald is really nice.

  • Dog Supplies says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    If thugs looking at it want to cut your finger off to get to it, it’s too damn big. LoL!!!!!

  • Video Games

    It is dependent on the woman. If she is stylish with classic taste, then keep it simple and unostentatious. If she’s a Chav, the bigger the better.

  • Bowhunting says:

    Tungsten Rings

    I don’t have an engagement ring, and I don’t know much about carats.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Dog Supplies

    Emerald cuts are very nice – I would stick to what you can afford right now – who wants to go in debt and be paying for a ring for a couple of years. Go with a traditional carat center stone and then whatever you want on the band. You can always upgrade later in life.

  • Mens Gold Chain

    I think 1/2 carat is good engagement ring size, because there is room to upgrade for wedding band or anniversary band. If the woman has small hands 2 carats my look gaudy. Emerald cut is nice, so is princess. Women just like diamonds, Although personally I think that round, triangle, or hearts are tacky.

  • Vintage Classic Cars

    When you are purchasing the ring, take into consideration your lady…is she into rings with large stones , or does she like something that is petite. Stay in the 1-3 carat range and you cant go wrong. Emerald, or princess cut can be stunning. And when you ask her , make it memorable………..Best of Luck

  • Video Games says:

    Video Games

    First let me say bigger is better…. but seriously it depends on how big her hands are you don’t want it to look ridiculous. I just got my engagement ring and it’s an emerald cut (just so you know it is the most expensive cut but it’s one of the most radiant. Because of the cut you need to get a good color and you want very little inclusions. you will be able to see it with the necked eye if you don’t. The only other thing i can tell you is if is is bigger the 1 C make sure it’s embedded and not raised i hit mine all the time.

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  • Handmade Rings

    The size shouldn’t matter. But what should matter is the love and the feelings behind it.

  • Video Games says:

    18K Gold Bracelet

    No broader than the width of her ring finger. Look from above the ring to guage. Brilliant cut, heart shape cut or pear shapes are better.

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