its my one year aniversary with my boyfriend?

July 11, 2010 by admin  
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BayBaby asked:

i cant think think of the perfect anything to get him.
i got him a titanium ring for v-day so that wont work.
any suggestions? i just want something that will mean alot.

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5 Responses to “its my one year aniversary with my boyfriend?”
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    get him a kit of mens sports
    get him a kit of gel and body shower ect

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    make him something, like a blanket with something special sewn into it or something like that. If you search the internet there are some really good ideas for romantic gifts.

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    If you have the money, Get a tickets to a great concert that he will like, afterwards get a room at a super nice hotel nearby, go to the room before without him and fill the room with candles, massage oil, and put wine or champange in the fridge. It will be a great romantic, relaxing nite just for you two!

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    I recently just had my one year anniversary with my boyfriend also. Congrats.

    I re-did our first date. The first time he took me out he took me to dinner and a hockey game (sounds weird but im a total sports junkie). So…for your anny I surprised him by taking him to a hockey game and out to dinner. We even watched the same movie at home that we did on our first date. It was a lot of fun. If your unable to “re-do” your first date try to work something out that has something to do with it. And if that doesnt work….food always does! haha Cook him his favorite meal, guys love food! lol

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    you should get him something that is meaningful
    try making something like a scrap book of pictures the way you feel about him your favorite dates things you’ve done together etc. i did that for my boyfriend on our one year and he loved it since then Ive made him three more

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