Is This A Cute First Day Of School Outfit?

February 17, 2010 by admin  
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Paramore Jonas Fan <3 asked:

I'm going into 8th grade and I was thinking of either wearing an Abercrombie polo (either teal, pink, yellow or orange) or an Abercrombie button down (I have to wear the mens because the women's is just a teeny bit to small in the tummy area.) with light blue ripped jeans, or dark blue skinny jeans, rainbow Coach flats, and a Tiffany & Co charm bracelet?

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  1. Silver Cigarette Cases

    i wouldn’t wear the rainbow coach flats with the button down. I would wear… a polo[pink or yellow], skinny jeans, and the coach flats. that would look cute :]

    hope i helped!

    please help if anyone can:

  2. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    That would be super cute :) ? the charm braclet!

  3. Video Games

    wear the Abrocombie Polo, with the skinny jeans, a solid color flats, and the Tiffanys bracelet!

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