Is there a reason to not get a yellow gold engagement ring?

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andera asked:

I have an olive complexion, and I find that yellow gold is more flattering to my skin tone than white gold or platinum. However, when shopping for an engagement ring, I'm finding that high-end stores carry mostly platinum & white gold and don't carry many yellow gold rings.

Is there a reason to NOT get a yellow gold engagement ring, besides taste? Like-- is yellow gold significantly less durable?

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  1. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Nope, it as you suspect. White gold or platinum is just “in style” right now.

  2. Mens Gold Chain

    Not so much less durable, it is just much more common I guess you could say its the “in style” style of ring these days. I know my engagment ring is white gold, but my best friends is yellow gold, but its just the “in” thing so i hear.
    Often you can also get the ring dipped in yellow gold!! Just a thought

  3. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The way I understand it, 14k yellow gold is just as durable as 14k white gold. Platinum, however, is a more durable metal.

    Honestly, most of the older people I know have yellow gold or platinum engagement rings. Most people find the platinum or the white gold to be more visually appealing, and so most people now have white gold… I think it’s a fad.

    I honestly like the contrast of yellow gold, white diamonds, and rubies together. That’s my engagement ring… I find it more appealing than the monotone of white gold and white diamonds. It’s all a matter of taste and what’s “in.”

  4. Camping Gear says:

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    Yellow and white gold are produced from the same element, basic gold (AU). The “carat” refers to the parts out of 24 that are gold. 14k gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy. They make white gold by alloying regular AU, which is naturally bright yellow, with a white metal like silver. Then the white gold (which still looks a bit yellow) is plated with rhodium, a brighter but more pricey metal. In fact, white gold is less desirable because the rhodium will wear away and the yellowish/white metal beneath will need to be re-plated, thus white gold needs more maintenance. The best benefit to white gold is that when it is around diamonds it makes them look like a better quality stone.

    Yellow gold is the same color all the way through and will never need any type of plating. It is equally as durable as white gold, white gold is just more fashionable at the moment. I have a yellow gold ring set myself, but the prongs around the diamond are white to get the benefits of making the diamond look better. If you want a nice selection of yellow gold rings I recommend finding a jeweler who sets the diamonds themselves, they have books to look through and you can pick a diamond and setting to suit you. I also feel like these types of jewelers will be more knowledgeable about the best settings and stones. has many good images of ring settings, this was our main source for pre-made settings when I worked at a jeweler’s. They don’t sell direct to consumer though, you need to locate a store for pricing etc.

    EDIT: I would not recommend having a white gold ring dipped (they mean plated) in yellow gold, because the plating wears off and it will give you a funny looking two tone thing. Just order a yellow setting and do it right.

  5. Mens Rings

    No reason at all. Years ago, we all got yellow gold — has held for years and years………
    It is just a matter of choice, many are choosing the platnum and white gold jewelry. I had 3 daughters all in their 20s and nieces in late 20s………all prefer white gold over yellow — just a preference.

    If you like the yellow gold better, then you should get that.

  • Dog Supplies

    that poppet sure knows her stuff. yellow gold is classic and beautiful. 18 carat is the finer type.

  • Bowhunting says:

    Dog Supplies

    Most diamonds are set in platinum (that is the claws) because that is a stronger and more durable metal so you are less likely to lose the stone.

    The reason that the current fashion is for white gold or platinum is more than just taste – a diamond will look “whiter”, i.e.of better quality in a white gold or platinum setting because there will be no yellow reflection from the band. If you choose a good quality diamond the difference will be virtually indiscernible. If you have a diamond that already has a faint yellow cast (a lower quality diamond) a yellow band will emphasize that.

    A good jeweller will be able to produce your chosen style of ring in whatever metal you wish.

  • Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    Nope, in fact because white gold is in such demand right now, chain jewelry stores are selling off color/lesser grade white gold plated with rhodium to hide the fact the white gold is such a lousy color in order to capitalize on the demand. The rhodium plating wears off in time and then the true off color of the white gold is revealed and the owner thinks her ring is turning colors…it isn’t.

    Top notch white gold is a soft gray-silver and NEVER turns yellowish…try to find it now a days lol……..

    Trends in gold, yellow or white, fluctuates like the hem lines in dresses do from year to year.
    Eventually the trend will turn back to yellow gold.

    I can’t be bothered to follow trends-too much like one sheep following the entire flock. I wear both yellow and white-and refuse to buy the white gold sold in most chain stores…I select my white gold pieces from estate and vintage sources-it is NOT plated and you can see the real color & quality of the white gold.

    You like yellow gold? Then ignore the flock mentality and you enjoy your yellow gold.

  • Vintage Classic Cars

    nope. diamond engagement rings are common these days, affordable and long lasting too.

  • Dog Supplies

    Not at all. Yellow gold is classic. It’s just that currently white gold is the fad.
    Like you, I wanted yellow gold and there are lovely rings and sets out there – just takes some looking!
    Yellow gold in 14 or 10k is very durable!

  • Dog Supplies says:

    Men’s Jewelry Rings

    yellow usually looks better on people with darker skin, white gold and platinum are in vogue right now. can make all of their settings in 14 or 18 karat white, yellow, rose gold and platinum.

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