Is there a difference in price between an engagement ring and and wedding ring?

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Mike M asked:

I've wondered whether traditionally the wedding rings are less expensive than the engagement ring. There's always the "two month salary rule" for engagment rings but what about wedding rings?




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  1. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    The 3 rings of marriage, engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

  2. wedding ring

    soon to be bride picks out her own, usually grooms to match, he pays

  3. Camping Gear says:


    Yes, wedding rings (or bands as they are sometimes called) are usually much cheaper than the engagement ring.

    Often the engagement ring has a lot of diamonds (or maybe 1 big one), whereas the wedding band is often very simple, yet complimentary to the engagement ring, and in some cases has little or no stones.

    The 2 month rule applies to the engagement ring, and you should be able to get a good wedding band for anywhere from half the cost of the engagement ring all the way to 1/10 depending on how much you paid for the engagement ring.

  4. wedding ring

    i think there’s a difference…………

  5. Mens Gold Chain

    An engagement ring has traditionally been given as a symbol of a man’s intent to marry a woman. When the man proposes to the woman, the engagement ring is presented. The way it is presented may vary, but it is always presented when the question is asked. If the woman accepts the proposal, the engagement ring is worn throughout the engagement as a sign that she is no longer “available” for courtship.

    Traditionally, the engagement ring is a gold or platinum band with a solitaire diamond atop it, however, it is not uncommon to see people using other types of rings or stones for their engagement ring.

    The wedding ring is the ring that is given to the bride (and one also to the groom) at the wedding ceremony. The wedding rings signify the eternal bond and sanctity of marriage. The wedding ring is usually a single band without any seam, although many wedding bands are decorated with stones or intricate designs.

  6. 18K Gold Bracelet

    Yes, the engagement ring is usually more expensive, as the wedding ring tends to be a band with less to it such as diamonds.

  7. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    you can buy the whole set right away if you like which may be cheaper and they are made for each other so its usually a very nice match. Wedding rings are usually just a band or something fancier. Wedding bands are cheaper than the engagement ring.

  8. Dog Supplies says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    I certainly hope not. The rings are just bands right? no diamonds just gold? I think they are cheaper? I hope so. I’m getting married in 10 months and my it’s insane already

  9. Sterling Silver Boxes

    they forgot 1 ring , the pleasuring

  10. Handmade Rings

    the engagement is definitely more because it usually has just one diamond (solitaire). one diamond will cost more than the same weight of diamonds broken up into smaller ones.
    and usually wedding bands dont have diamonds, although mine do. both wedding bands cost us half the amount the engagement ring cost.

  11. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    In addition to the answers above, a wedding ring was placed over the engagement ring commonly to “seal the promise” the engagement ring made. Today many women reverse the order for appearance.

    Strangely enough, the ancient Norsemen used the ring order in reverse. A simple band was given for the engagement and the diamond upon the wedding. I must admit, I like that way, it makes more sense. The pricier stone upon keeping your promise.

  12. Bowhunting

    Wedding rings are usually just a gold band which are not as pricey as a diamond ring. And you do not have to adhear to society’s rule of two months salary for an engagement ring either.
    At any rate, tradition is gold bands but some women prefer a band with diamonds or other stones so they can be expensive as well.
    Have you picked the diamond? Is she a simple woman or one who has to have the ring of her dreams, the wedding of her dreams? My only question to that is….what about the marriage?
    Good Luck!

  13. Video Games says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    You should buy the engagement ring and the wedding ring at the same time so you make sure they match. However, the engagement ring is so much more expensive. For example, my engagement ring was about $6,500, but the wedding ring to match was only about $500. Just estimate your salary for 2 months and use that for both th engagement and wedding ring.

  14. Silver Cigarette Cases

    Wedding rings are usually much less expensive especially if they are simple and have no stone work.

  15. Video Games

    They are usually cheaper, because traditionally the diamond in the engagement ring is supposed to be the two month salary.

    For instance, if you got a flawless 1 carat – you’d pay about 7500 – if you got a 1 carat total weight setting – you might pay 1200.

  16. Vintage Classic Cars

    I picked out my wedding ring. It was under $200 and it’s beautiful. Other girls might pick out the most expensive just because it’s most expensive though…

    Oh, and it has little diamonds all the way across too. :) It matches my engagement ring really good cause it had a cluster of diamonds in the middle and then little diamonds on either side.

    Oh, and for the girl saying the husband pays (sounds like she meant both rings) I paid for my fiance’s ring. :)

  17. Bowhunting says:

    Camping Gear

    It really depends on the personal preferences of the couple. My engagement ring only cost $250 and my wedding band was $140. You can spend thousands on either, just depends. I personally didn’t want to start out my marriage in debt, so we chose to get nice, but simple jewelry. I was just happy to finally say “I do” to the man I was in love with.

  18. Camping Gear

    don’t spend two months of your salary that is so dumb. unless you work at mcdonald’s part-time that is way too much money. but yes the engagement ring is more expensive than the wedding band. oh and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. we know both places that we are getting our rings from so they gave us a huge discount. my engagement ring is around $600 and the band is around $250 with the discount without it would have cost us over $1600 for both. His ring is $600 with the discount and $1100 without.

  19. wedding ring says:

    Mens Gold Chain

    Usually the engagement ring is more expensive because there is a diamond or diamonds on it. The wedding band is usually plain gold, but can have several small diamonds on it – depending upon what matches the engagement ring.
    And the “rule” for rings is a bunch of bunk – don’t believe it for a second. Only spend what you can comfortably afford.

  20. Silver Cigarette Cases

    Don’t get all hung up on the cost of the rings. Personally I would not have wanted an engagement ring that cost as much as some of the rings that have been discussed here. I chose my engagement ring and it cost a whole 250 pounds (about 500 dollars). I love it and I am not frightened that I am going to loose it or damage it which I would have been if it’d cost the 12000 dollars that it would have if we’d followed the 2 month rule.

    My wedding ring cost me a whole 25ukp but that’s because it’s a family ring and it cost that much to get it resized to fit me. On the whole they will be cheaper than engagement rings though because they aren’t as elaborate. You only have to think about the weight of gold that is used to make them.

  21. Video Games

    Yes and engagement ring usually has a center diamond which will add $500 and up to the price of the ring. A nice quality 1 carat diamond may add $5000 to the cost.

    A wedding ring traditionally does not have a center stone.

    A wedding ring can be bought in a set with the engagement ring. Usually you match the metal type.

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