Is it wrong to reset an inherited wedding ring?

February 19, 2010 by admin  
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Nischla asked:

I recently inherited my grandmother's wedding ring, and I love it. The only thing is its in yellow gold, and I only ever wear white gold or silver. I love that its something of my grandma's I'd get to keep forever, so I was thinking of having a white gold band made, in the same style, and have the stones reset in it. Is that detracting from the memory of the ring was/is? I want to her memory, but still have it be me as well.

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  1. Bowhunting

    If I was you, I wouldn’t. I understand were you are coming from, but I think it makes it less memorable of you grandma. Your grandma and grandpa obviously loved it considering you grandpa chose it and your grandma wear it for so many years. If I were you, I wouldn’t. But it is yours now and I am sure you will make the best decision for yourself.

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    I think its wrong. It would not be your Grandmothers ring anymore…just the stone…she wore the BAND next to her skin. WHite gold is fashionable right now…but wont be for ever..yellow is classic….white has only been common for the last 10 years or so…if you change it then when you pass it down…what if your relative changes it to gold because white isn’t fashionable or she doesnt like it? I think you should put it away or wear it as it is.

  3. Men’s Diamond Ring

    Before you do anything, if I were you I’d get your grandma’s ring valued as it is. If the setting in combination with the specific stone make it uniquely valuable, you may not want to do anything that could damage it.

    That said, how people handle such mementos of family members is an entirely personal thing. One of my friends took some heirloom jade cabochons she had inherited in an old piece of jewelry and had them re-set in rings special designed for her and her husband. The rings were awesome and knowing the source of the jade was a relative who had brought them over from China when she came to the US was special.

  4. Mens Rings says:

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    You should have a replica made of your grandmother”s ring, in your preferred precious metal.
    I would not change the ring, if its something that you are planning on giving to your children.
    Because it is something that you plan on wearing, why not protect the real piece by keeping somewhere safe, other than on your hand. That way, not only you can enjoy it forever, but your children will be able to enjoy it as well, saying “This was my Mother’s/Grandmother’s ring, and before that, it belonged to her grandmother…”

  5. Bowhunting says:

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    There is nothing wrong with resetting the ring if you want to.

  6. Mens Rings says:

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    No, go right on ahead and do it. I’m sure your grandmother would much rather have you reset the stones, and get some use from them, since the alternative is to have the ring sitting in a box, collecting dust.

  7. Bowhunting

    Well…I don’t think so! It’s special to make it a part of both of you! Plus, it sounds like you really only want to change the color, so it’s not like ur just stealing the diamonds out or something. You should change the color if you feel that your grandma wouldn’t mind!

  8. Vintage Classic Cars

    Re-set the stones and it will no longer be your grandmother’s ring. It will no longer be a family heirloom if you plan on that. It will be your ring with grandmother’s stones in it.

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