Is it normal to have a lump forming on my hand after reconstructive surgery?

February 27, 2010 by admin  
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kiterchicksings asked:

I have 2 titanium screws & a wire in my left hand. Its the ring finger bone that broke but its the one connected in the back of my hand & not the finger itself. There is now a large lump forming. The surgery was in June. I can move my fingers around fine, plus I play guitar. But the lump looks like another whole finger is about to pop up.

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  1. Dog Supplies says:

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    I am by no means a doctor, but this sounds like something that happened to me a few months ago: a large lump started to form on the back of my right hand, and it seemed to be getting slightly bigger each day. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t affect my motor skills, but it really worried me!

    So, I went to the doctor and he immediately diagnosed it as a “ganglion cyst”. He said it was completely harmless and didn’t need medical attention… it might go away on its own, or I COULD have it drained if it was annoying me.

    He then let me know that doctors used to get rid of them by simply dropping a heavy book onto the patient’s hand (no joke!!), which would break up the fluid inside and cause the cyst to go away. I thanked him, went home, and… dropped a very heavy book onto the back of my hand. (It didn’t hurt that much.) By the next day, the lump was significantly smaller… and soon it was gone altogether.

    Now, again, I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND WHAT YOU HAVE MAY BE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… but this is the best I can tell you with the limited knowledge that I have! Good luck!

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