is it just coincidence?

May 18, 2010 by admin  
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I Kill you With My Kitty...... asked:

okay i have a black onyx ring.. i wear it everyday and night.. the rare occasions i take it off bad things happen.. i took it off one day my boyfriend cheated on me.. another time i took it off i fell and sprained my ankle.. another time i took it off my hamster died.. today i took it off when i was doing my hair left it upstairs and feel down the stairs........ im okay.. but my butt hurts.. :( and i always get exreme depression when i take it off.. is it just a coincidence or something more????




4 Responses to “is it just coincidence?”
  1. Mens Jewelry

    Onyx is good…keep the ring on. did you learn your lesson yet?
    blessings. Not a coincidence.

  2. LED Grow Lights

    Onyx is a VERY protective stone- leave it on… I carry a quartz crystal with me wherever I go and it helps me get through the day.

  3. Make A Resume

    i think as long as you believe that that is what you will see i’m sure their has been a few bad things happen why your wearing it, if not your not being honest. life has its ups and downs having a ring on is not going to stop the bad things from happening

  4. Garden Ponds Supply

    keep it on!!!!!! lol

    and do you like my chemical romance or not? im really confused.

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