Is it bad luck to sell your ex’s wedding set to apply to a new engagement ring?

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Lavender asked:

My beau and I are getting freakin' serious.
We're both divorcees. I kept my wedding set from my ex-husband (which holds zero sentimental value).
My boyfriend has a valuable ring that his ex-wife gave him back.
We are planning on selling our old jewelry very soon at a local jewelry boutique.
He's been looking at engagement rings for me lately.
He constantly asks if I prefer yellow gold or white gold.
Is it bad luck if I give him the money from my old wedding set to apply on an engagement ring?
My mom thinks I should use the diamonds to make a right hand ring or necklace. Truth is, I don't want bad energy/juju from my old wedding set on my body anymore.
Is this going to be awkward?
Would you accept if you were my boyfriend?

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9 Responses to “Is it bad luck to sell your ex’s wedding set to apply to a new engagement ring?”
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    i think that is a great idea, it sounds like the only reason you’re hanging onto it at all is to someday apply it so something else. I would at least offer it to him. if he doesn’t want to use it to buy a new ring for you, then you should use it for something else, maybe the honeymoon, a house, or just a vacation.

  2. Mens Rings says:

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    I think that since you really dont care about the ring, then get rid of it. I also think that you should talk to your boyfriend about it to see if he is uncomfortable accepting this offer. If he is, then still get rid of it but use the money to purchase a special gift for your new man.

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    I think that idea is fine. Money was spent on something that didn’t last so why should you have to pay for it now? a good place to sell rings is at

    If you have the ring certification and paperwork, you can get the most money out of it.

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    no i think you should hawk both your old rings and be done with it.
    and why are you going to give up your money for your engagement ring anyways? Set aside offending him with money from your ex ring and think about how offended he will be if you give him money at all to buy you an engagement ring!
    that is something he is supposed to take care of.
    i would hawk the ring and depending on how much they are worth, pay off some debts or put it towards a house or something like that to start your guys lifes off right.

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    Not unless you’re superstisous.

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  6. Mens Rings says:

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    not at all and it’s a great idea.

    my mother after her divorce took her wedding set and reset the diamonds to make a cocktail ring (today they call it a right hand ring) for herself. I have that ring which I’m going to reset into something I like but I love the idea of using the ex’s money to upgrade your new life.

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    Luck, good or bad, doesn’t attach to jewelry. But, if you’re superstitious, here’s what you do. Sell the old stuff and put the proceeds in your checking account. When you’re ready to pay for new jewelry, the old jewelry money will be mixed in with money from your paychecks, and there will be no way to trace which dollars came from the sale of the old jewelry. Any taint from the ex will be erased. Problem solved.

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    I would use it for something else like a bigscreen or something. Thats just bad karma

  9. Mens Gold Chain

    Whatever you do with the money, I agree – get rid of the old rings. Your bf may or may not accept the money. Since it was from your ex, he may feel emasculated using money from something your ex gave you. In which case, you could always use the money towards something else. New appliances, whatever you may need or want.

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