Is gold considered a metal?

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chicknabhai asked:

I am about to buy a gemstone for therapy and the seller offers them in a ring.

Emerald gemstone in a 18k gold ring , would this gold be metal?

from the websites, metals round the gemstone do not work as much as without the metal....

I want to buy a emerald gemstone with studies...
basically I want to buy an emerald gemstone for therapy. however on websites it is said that metals around the gemstone , would make the gemstone less effective....

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    Ummm.. Yes. Gold is a metal. Not sure what you mean by ‘do not work as much as without the metal.’

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    gold is considered as metal because first it is hard second some people say it is metal

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    Gold is a metal.Don’t believe in gemstone therapy.They all fooling the people by giving false examples.

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    Gold is a metal. Almost all gold is mixed with other metal, hence the terms 14k, 18k, etc. The more pure the gold, the higher the number.

    Except for the feeling of euphoria by the person selling you it, gemstone has no known therapeutic effect.

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    A gold is a metal which they use it for jewelry
    and other materials
    A gold can easily cut some stones in two.
    this can really be a possible metal because
    The Gold can be make some other stuffs like: metal boxes,
    So gold can be possibly a metal.

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    It should be possible to buy loose emeralds, but more commonly they would be found in rings or other jewelry.
    Ask a jeweler.

    18K gold is 75% pure gold, alloyed with silver, copper, possibly palladium or nickel. All of those are metal.

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