Is an engagement ring a smaller one than the wedding ring or are they one in the same? ?

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LadyMisty asked:

My boyfriend just gave me an engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I said yes. My question is, how does this work, is an engagement ring just sort of a smaller/cheaper one and then the wedding ring is the really good one... or am I wrong and they are the same - I mean, do I just get an engagement ring and then the "wedding bands"? Is there no other diamond ring on the way? I thought the engagement ring just lead up to the wedding ring, which I assumed had a bigger diamond etc. BUT my friends told me I was wrong & that the ring I got now is what I will always have, except I will add a band to it

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  1. Bowhunting

    usually you get a bigger ring when you get married…but go to a jewelry store and look at the wedding bands and see what the norm is. it doesnt reallly matter. it’s your wedding, kind of your choice. There is even a service that they will do where you can get your engagement and wedding ring binded together so you’ll be able to wear both on the same finger.

  2. Video Games says:

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    From my knowledge, the engagement ring it the big one, and the wedding ring is more of a band, usually gemless or has gems inside the band itself.

    But that’s not saying you could be different and get a monster rock on your finger. =)

  3. Mens Rings

    To be honest it doesn’t really matter, nor is there a rule.
    But to answer your question…usually the engagement ring is the rock (the bigger or more diamonds, ring) and the wedding band is gold band, platinum band, whatever you want. It may or may not have diamonds.

  4. Sterling Silver Boxes

    traditionally , yeah you get a band at ceremony. but you can get that first ring upgraded for the ceremony also.i am a jeweler and have seen it done several ways. speak up if you would like to be involved in the rings you wear For Ever go to a small jeweler and learn about diamonds and shop around for an acceptable ( .80 to 1.0ct) . congrats or better luck next time.

  • Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Your engagement ring is the one w/ the biggest diamond. Sometimes a wedding ring has several diamonds to match the engagement ring or it is just a plain band.

  • Video Games says:

    Tungsten Rings

    no the engagement ring is typically the diamond (though it doesn’t have to be) and the wedding ring is the band this way you can wear them on the same finger at the same time – you can have a band with diamonds on it |-1|950027324|15051|15051.15058.15111
    or all the way around it|-1|530487305|15051|15051.15058.15111

    sometimes for the big anniversaries (usually 10 or 20) the engagement ring is “sized up” (put a bigger diamond in the same setting) or replaced
    wanting a bigger diamond for your actual wedding seems a bit selfish to me

  • Men’s Diamond Ring

    Sorry love, your friend was right on. Your engagement ring is supposed to be “the really good one”. :-(

  • Mens Rings says:

    Silver Belt Buckle

    The engagement ring is supposed to be the big good one. And then the wedding right is just the band. You sound kind of greedy here, no offense. Why should it matter what kind of ring you have as long as you are in love, and you want to get married. I really hope you never tell your boyfriend that you don’t like the ring.
    I’m not a boy, but if I was and I proposed to a girl and she told me she didn’t like the ring, and thought it was small and cheap, I would probably just take it back and say never mind then you ungrateful woman.

  • Bowhunting says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    your friends were right. The engagement ring is the one with the diamonds on it. Then the wedding ring is just a band. But some weeding rings is a band that has small diamonds all the way around the band. Just depends on what he picked out, or what came with the engagement ring. Usually they come in pairs.

  • Dog Supplies says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Your friends are right… You can search for “bridal sets” and they will show the engagement ring and then the wedding band… Sometimes for an anniversary, the husband will buy a bigger ring… But, not always…. Congrats on your engagment!!

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