Is a diamond accent realy a diamond?

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Samantha B asked:

I am looking for a emerald and diamond ring for my daughter (a 12 year old) because she wants something classy and she said that she will pay for it herself with her $210. I have been looking for her perfect ring and one that she will be able to afford but many of the rings say "emerald with diamond accents and _ karot gold" or something like that and I would like to know if that means she would be buying just simply quartz crystal or if she will be buying tiny pieces of a diamond.

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    I don’t know. But, you should see the movie Blood Diamond. I’m sure if you do you wouldn’t want to buy diamonds anymore.

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    I am a diamond broker, and seriously if something is not spelled out clearly it is defintitely not something you would want. Diamond Karot, come on… no language is that solid gold. Frankly I dont know what it is. Terms like TW is just total weight, and often they seller even includes the ring weight in larger piece so unknowing consumers will buy. This happens locally, in the malls and yes online. My suggestion would simply be to find the item or a seller who is happy to make out a note for the cost or willl put up a listing exactly to her liking, then you cover the difference. Keep in mind no matter what gemstone she buys its never a good thing or time to buy a gemstone, diamond, or anything like that. You will never get what you paid for it. For example go out and buy a new car at the showroom tomorrow. Drive it around for a week and bring it back to the showroom, or their competitor and ask them to buy it back nobody will buy it for what you paid never, ever,….dont buy hype. Keep your daughters money safe. Frankly she is young, I sell diamonds and I would suggest a clarity enhanced diamond. Anyway, do not try to become a diamond nit picker just fill her dream not empty your own bank account.

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