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kellyallen82 asked:

I have a ton of jewelry and i dont really want anymore... my fience agreed to getting me something else i wanted instead of a wedding ring set. i was thinking a really nice charm bracelet that we could add to every year [and there are soooo many types of charm bracelets] or a cuff bracelet with our names on it but its so hard to find a nice one that you can engrave 8 letters on and something sentamental on the inside... but i dont know... does anyone have something else that i could request instead of a ring... i would like to be able to wear it everyday....
i said he agreed to get ME something other then a wedding set... men dont wear charm bracelts... how do you come to that conclusion from ME something other then a wedding set?
i already have 2 rings on that finger... that were actually supposed to be wedding sets but i bought them just cause they were pretty... i got him a decent ring but i dont know what i want. niether one of us are traditional.
here... this is a picture of the two rings i wear on that finger already.... its almost 7 ct total and yes they are real...

and just cause i am posting pics here is his ring... its A LOT smaller... its 1.5 ct.

i just dont need anymore shine on my hands... :( i want something that will be more sentamental... i dont need [more] expensive jewelry its him i want and not money i am worried about. i want it to mean more then just some stupid peice of jewlery its not about people knowing i am or am not married. EVERYONE knows I will be married in June we live in a small area where everyone knows everyone... Im just more sentimental... i dont need GIA to tell me i am in love. i want something special... and i need help with ideas....

or a type of charm bracelet...i dont like the italian ones cause there is not much room to grow....
i have rings equally as big on my other fingers... i like jewlery...



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  1. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Wow, its a wedding ring or engajment ring! Yeah so you have alot of jewelry but this is something special between you and your guy. Do yuo really think he will want to wear a charm bracelet?

  2. Handmade Rings

    whats wrong with wearing a wedding ring Set? i know you have a lot of other jewelry but the whole point is the universal symbol of your love and union. dont take that away from him. get something simple if it bugs you that much but get one please

  3. Camping Gear

    a wedding ring iz a very important thing it symbolzizes the love that 2 people share 4 each other dont try 2 subsituate dat with a braclet iz not nearly important u coulld get a braclet at the dollar store i wedding ring on the other hand u cant just stick 2 da wedding ring

  4. 18K Gold Bracelet

    i think it’s a nice to have a charm bracelet if a ring is’nt your style.

  5. Mens Rings says:

    Silver Cigarette Cases

    Why not just a simple band instead of a set? You say you already have 2 rings on that finger, so what? take ‘em off and put on a wedding band. Sounds like a non-interest in having people know you’re married..

  6. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Why not?? I think its a great idea. Yeah rings are the tradition and the exchanging of rings is always a nice part of the ceremony. But why not change it up?? I love the idea of the charm bracelet and adding a charm each anniversary.
    Good for you for doing out of the ordinary and that is what you want….

  7. Tungsten Rings

    it is ok not to wear a wedding ring. my husband and i don’t believe in wearing wedding rings.

  8. Vintage Classic Cars

    Put those rings on your other hand, and get a lovely wedding band for the left hand. That piece of jewellery should be symbolic of the marriage, and not looked upon as just another piece of bling.

  9. Silver Cigarette Cases

    Are you really going to wear a charm bracelet everyday for the rest of your life? I have a ton of jewlery as well, but I really enjoy wearing a ring as it’s so meaningful coming from the one I love, and it’s a universal symbol(the circle) of a love with no ending.
    Maybe go with a necklace, I think it would be far less annoying than wearing a charm bracelet all the time.
    And think about your love life, screwing your hubby with a charm bracelet on just gets jingly and annoying, and can be somewhat hazerdous!
    Best of luck!

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