Im engaged to a woman in the army?

July 10, 2010 by admin  
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Darren asked:

The thing is the army wont let her wear her engagement ring! they said it wasn't up to their code she had to have a plain band no engravings or stones what im worn ding is this true and if so where can i go to find a plain ring with no engravings or stone she said she would like a Titanium ring. if any one can give me the name of a website that specializes in these kinds of rings this would be most helpful.

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    not too sure what the code is for wedding rings. never heard of anyone having problems with it. depending on what her job is it could interfere with it. i did just get need titanium wedding rings online.

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    My advice is to go to several local jewelers and find the ring that best suits you, then in most cases the company will have a website to order from!

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