Im a straight boy, my friend Amber bought me an ankle bracelet, do guys wear ankle bracelets? Toe Ring?

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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plumkiwi1 asked:
My picture is a girl cuz it was the closest to what I look like, I kinda have longish hair.
Oh yeah, she got me a toe ring too. Any suggestions on sandals to wear with these?

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12 Responses to “Im a straight boy, my friend Amber bought me an ankle bracelet, do guys wear ankle bracelets? Toe Ring?”
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    Why is your picture a girl then?

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    i have never seen a guy wear a toe ring…but i have seen lots of guys wear ankle bracelets…so its totally normal

    Hope i helped you!

  4. Dog Supplies says:

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    Sorry, but no. Straight guys do NOT wear ankle bracelets or toe rings. Maybe Amber thinks that you are gay. I would talk to her about why she bought this stuff for you.
    Please don’t let her convince you that “cool” guys wear stuff like this. It’s complete crap!

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    I’ve seen guys wear ankle bracelets, but honestly, they were either those hemp type ones or leather thongs. The bracelet you show in your link is very delicate and feminine looking.

    I’ve never seen a man wear a toe ring. That’s pushing the girly envelope.

  • celtic knot ring

    The fact that you are asking that question is questioning your masculinity. Don’t accept that gift, and change your picture. I hope you are not giving your friend any funny clues.

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    I think straight guys can wear ankle bracelets :)
    If they are kind of thick and simple. with nothing hanging on.
    But toe rings are not straight guy style :)

  • celtic knot ring

    i think ur going to wear that toe ring cuz ur asking for suggestions on sandals to wear with the ring!

    i don’t want to be rude but i’m thinkin ur GAY!!!

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    the anklet may be ok, but the toe ring is a bit too much. Yeah, i know married guys who wear anklets, they’re obiously not gay.

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