If I buy a wedding ring from a jeweler can I negotiate the price? Aren’t they priced high with wiggle room?

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mcslain asked:

Thinking about buying a ring but its more than I want to spend. The ring is a pretty simple titanium band with some carving that isn't more than a few hundred dollars. It seems to be priced high though. I'm sure they could come down in price a bit and still make a good amount selling me this ring... any comments?

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25 Responses to “If I buy a wedding ring from a jeweler can I negotiate the price? Aren’t they priced high with wiggle room?”
  1. Silver Cigarette Cases

    everything is priced with wiggle room. if he doesnt change the price tell him to holla and go somewhere else

  2. Bowhunting says:

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  3. Video Games

    You might be able to lower it a little. But I think that the price is what you pay, this isn’t TV.

  4. Mens Rings

    Your fiance isn’t worth retail????

    Honey, I love you…. but not that much!!!


  5. Video Games says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    You can’t be cheap when it comes to the wedding ring…but yes you can try to talk them down…most places will drop down the price a little…

  6. Vintage Classic Cars

    I’m sure they could too. You have nothing to lose by bargaining. If they want your business bad enough, they will compromise.

  7. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    If it is a privately owned, or small business then you would probably have more success haggling. If it is a corporation or something like that, they probably wont haggle with you because they would get their butt ripped by their boss.

  8. Mens Gold Chain

    No…you pretty much have to pay what they tell you to. The best you can so is wait for a sale. Titanium especially. That stuff is EXPENSIVE. If you get a deal…something must be wrong with it!

  9. 18K Gold Bracelet

    I would tell the jeweler that your budget is a little smaller than the ring is priced and see if he can meet it. Be prepared though if he says no to just walk away. (Sometimes they’ll let you get all the way to the door and call you back.)

  10. Silver Cigarette Cases

    You could try! I got a verbal estimate once on a muffler and when I brought in my car, it was higher. I told them I had only planned on paying what I was told on the phone and they adjusted the price for me….so who knows, it might work! Jewelry is marked up 300% so yes, they have lots of wiggle room, it’s whether they want to wiggle is the question!

  11. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Absolutley , my family has been in the Jewelery Bus all my life .Just say “If I pay cash , can you do better?”
    Or Is that the best you can do?

  12. Silver Belt Buckle

    Yes you can haggle. Diamonds have the highest markup over true cost of any product. Right now should be a good time to buy. Make an offer of fifty percent of retail then leave you phone number. The jeweler will call back with a counter offer.

  13. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    Yes, you can bargain with jewelers.
    If you are willing to pay cash you can even cut the price down significantly.
    One of the things I never forget is that ca$h speaks louder than plastic.

  14. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    I would not go out and buy a ring for the woman you want to marry…….bad idea. You need to take her with you to pick out the ring. Be honest, tell her how much you have to spend and enjoy looking together. Guys never pick out the right ring anyway and you would not want her to hate it. Stay away from platinum…..the band my son bought his now wife with a few sparkly things without the diamond was $1,900.00. When they picked out the diamond…..he would tell me but it was big $$$. And, whatever you do, don’t act like a cheap skate!

  15. Camping Gear says:

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    300% PROFIT MARGIN!!!



  16. Tungsten Rings

    i am not sure that would be the best way to go. you need to remember that if the girl loves you than she wont care if the ring is out of a bubble gum machine. if the price is higher than what you expected than i would go cheaper. try your local wall mart i was there the other day and they have a wonderfull selection

  17. Handmade Rings

    Sup –

    #1 – do NOT go through ebay – higher end stuff there can be scams, so get that out of your head.

    #2 – retailer jewelers, like the ones you see in the malls and retail outlets, have to charge more to cover their overhead, so what appears to be a $50 ring, all of a sudden costs $400. Dont’ get there – 99.99% will NOT negotiate price – imagine going to Tiffany’s and doing that – they have pride in their jewelry – and odds are, they’ll show you to the door.

    #3 – do NOT go got a flea market – all I can say about that is, here today, gone tomorrow – if you do, don’t get mad if your finger starts to turn a funny shade of green.

    #4 – this one, i would recommend – I dont’ know where you live, but most places have mom ‘n pop jewelry stores – they repair, resizing, etc as all the major chains do, but they have smaller overhead – and they have room to negotiate.

    Good LUCK!

  18. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Well there’s no harm in asking, I’d suggest just going into the shop and asking if they’ll come down in price. They can only say no but at the end of the day you’ll never know if you don’t ask, and they may yet say yes.

  19. Camping Gear

    Yes you can talk them down, go in there and mean business, always tell them of another store that has a better one for a cheapier price, that will get them

  20. Sterling Silver Boxes

    smaller independent jewelers that own there own business can charge what ever they want. so that is usually who i deal with and your helping a small buss. owner instead of a big corporation. And if you build up a relation with them they will take care of you for years

  21. Silver Belt Buckle

    there’s definitely wiggle room. don’t listen to people who tell you to go to a flea market.

  22. Bowhunting says:

    Camping Gear

    all these jewlers work on commision they need your money more than you need there ring. just remind them of that

  23. Camping Gear

    I used to work at a jewelry store, and if it’s a major jewelry stores, like helzberg/jared/white hall/etc…, you know the commercial stuff, you can always haggle with them (provided that the cost of the jewelry is atleast around several hundred dollars, don’t haggle for seventy dollar jewelry, just buy it online). The truth is, these jewelry store hike up the sale price three times what they bought it for. Then after that, they give you the “suggested retail price” which is almost always twice what the actual sale price is. This makes you think you’re getting a good deal but you’re actually not, you’re getting ripped off. don’t be afraid to bargain with these people and always assume that they’re main interest is money and not your best interest, since your best interest should be in getting a good deal. so remember! THEY MARK UP THE SALE PRICE THREE TIMES WHAT THEY BOUGHT IT FOR! just think of all the types of desperate promotions they do when they’re trying to clear things out so they don’t get charged tax for things that were unsold at the end of their fiscal year.

    ps. bluenile.com is a really nice place to buy higher end jewelry if you’re looking for an online place. it’s a reliable and trusted site. (i am in no way affiliated with them)

  24. Tungsten Rings

    Titanium is always priced high. I have no idea why, considering that it can shatter like glass if dropped. You can always try to negotiate…its a great habit for the rest of your wedding planning. The key is that you need to be prepared to walk away if you don’t get the price you want. Best of luck!

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