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tejasred2003 asked:

I bought a titanium ring for my boyfriend and it's the wrong size and I can't return it. Everywhere I have taken tells me that titanium is not sizeable, why is this so? Does anyone know where you can buy cheap but nice titanium rings also? Looks like I will be buying another one.lol. Thanks alot for all you answers.

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    Y dont you remould it…. and just remake it

  2. Discount Makeup

    It is a really strong metal and some just don’t want to deal with the hassle. And I know a place online that you can buy from that has titanium rings

    I don’t know the official site, but send this person a message. He is a great jeweler.

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    You can resize plain titanium rings. Plain rings will stretch about three sizes. There’s lots on the web about this. Suggest you research it online.

  4. Makeup Discounters

    titanium isn’t sizable because it aint soft, like gold/silver..sell it to a jewelry store and get a new one

  5. Cartier Tank Watch

    It is possible to resize a titanium ring up a size a little (by stretching), but resizing down is not possible because of the characteristics of titanium. Although titanium is extremely lightweight, it is also very strong (hardest natural metal in the world) and more resistant to scratches and dents than other traditional materials used to make jewelry.

    If you feel comfortable shopping online, there are many options. You should try searching through Google. Although I don’t know how the prices compare to what you already have, I liked these two websites the best because they seem reliable (offer reasonable warranties, easy to contact and place orders, etc) and are also informative:

  6. Create a Resume

    Titanium is the hardest metal. It is also very light, that’s why it’s used in the manufacture of aircraft. Try any jeweller to get another one, I hope you get lucky.

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