I have a platinum engagement ring and was wondering if a white gold wedding ring would be all right?

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nursie asked:

It's just the price of platinum is outrageous. I won't be having them put together permanently, just will wear the wedding ring to work and then wear them together other times. Do you think anyone will be able to tell?

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    Both of my rings are white gold. They look just like platinum until they start to tarnish. They can be redipped though. If you buy at a place like Zales where you get a warranty, you don’t have to pay for the redipping. I think you’re fine having both kinds.

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    White gold is timeless. It looks clean and scratches less in long-term.

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    Yes, it is perfectly alright to mix platinum and white gold rings, noone will ever tell the differance – here is why:

    Both platinum and white gold are plated with a metal called rhodium. White gold jewelry is nearly always plated with rhodium because the metal gold is really yellow in color and when they melt it and alloy it (that is mix other metals into it) to ‘whiten’ gold it still has a faintly yellowish tint. Rhodium gives white gold that color that is pure silvery white like chrome. Platinum, which is already white, needs to be plated with rhodium because platinum has a dull luster and not give us that shiny mirror polish like silver or gold.

    So whether a ring is white gold or platinum – you are really looking at RHODIUM (which, by the way is much more expensive than either gold -about $1000 an ounce, or platinum – about $2000 an ounce – currently rhodium is so rare and precious it goes for $7000 an ounce!)

    Don’t be swayed by arguments that because platinum is harder and stronger than gold, that by wearing the two together the platinum ring will “wear down” the gold one. Platinum is harder than gold, of course, but the differance is not that great … one will eventually wear the other one but I think it will take 40 or 50 years for that to happen. Besides, you said you will not be wearing the two tegether that often.

    Your rhodium plated rings will have to be replated every several years, not to worry, most jewelers do it – it is fast and not very expensive.

    I am a gemologist and have been in the jewelry business 30 years this year. Your question is a very good and intelligent one! Good Luck!!

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    White gold vs. platinum

    There are advantages to each, with major differences between the two metals like price and hardness.

    White gold is white metals such as silver and palladium mixed with an alloy of gold. it can be 18kt, 14kt, 9kt or any karat. When its listed 18kt white gold its a mix of 75% gold with 25% other metals such as silver and palladium. its just a different alloy then whats in yellow gold. White gold has a rich Grey coloring.

    Platinum unlike gold it is used in jewelry in almost its pure form (approximately 95% pure). Platinum is extremely hard and strong and is very white, but still has a slight greyish tint unlike the slightly more grey of white gold. It is very heavy so it will feel different then gold.

    But i dont think anyone can really tell. A jewelry would looking at it in his face but i dont think anyone would notice at all if you did the other in white gold.

    The main difference is the price, todays going rate for gold is 855.00 a ounce and for platnium is 1901.00 so is you want a white metal and dont wannt be in more debt. Unless your one of the rich and famous :)

    I got my wedding & engagement ring set done here I wanted somethign more untraditional i got to pick the style and gem i wanted i chose a mystic topaz “mercury mist color” as my stone. It looks like a dream :) And didnt get us in debt so we could have a nice honeymoon and some money left over.

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