i have a beautiful ring but has something interesting about it?

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dogz rule asked:

well i bought this ring for my husband he was r friend had cancer and was dying and he said he will sell it cause he wanted to leave some money for her wife so he said that he wanted to wear it until his death but he will make sure when he dies it gets to us and just give the money to his wife well he died 2 months l8r after he told us that and well ya as he said he had it on until he died. sounds creepy though so they took it off him and in his will left it to us and well it was 100 for it gave the money to the wife. well my husband absolutely adores it but i barely know any history behind the ring except that he went to a jewelry store in new york and had it custom made. well it has a black onyx stone and in the middle has a little diamond and it has gold all around it with impressions of leaves but the interesting part that it has like a compass needle right on top of the little diamon but its silver and it doesn't move like a real compass it moves little by little like if u move or u can spin it also what is this meant for?

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