I bought my fiance a gold engagement ring?

February 19, 2010 by admin  
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guyitsover14 asked:

But now she wears a white gold one. She told me she didn't exchange it, but that the sun bleached it white. I don't think she's lying, because she told me she would never lie without reason, so has anyone ever heard of this? Also, the diamond looks bigger. She said she's been running it under hot water to make it expand. Why doesn't everyone do this to make their diamond look bigger?

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    Her nose will grow like pinoccio if she keeps fibbing.

  2. Bowhunting says:

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    LOL, ok I got some ocean front property for sale in Oklahoma too if your interested, real cheap too!!!

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    She is telling the truth!! I have done the same exact thing and now I get compliments on my diamonds because if you sprinkle some salt on the diamond while you are running it under hot water you will have multiple diamonds!! She is soo smart and you are even smarter for marrying someone like her!!

  4. Men's Diamond Ring says:

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No, diamond doesn’t get bigger because of temperature. And there’s no way that yellow gold becomes white gold. White gold is alloy of gold and one white metal. White gold can wear off over years and becoming yellow again, but sun “adding” white metal to your fiancee’s engagement ring is impossible.

Sorry, but your fiancee lied. She dislikes yellow gold and didn’t want to tell you, and so she exchanged it for white gold ring. Trust me.

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    Yellow gold doesn’t bleach, and diamonds don’t grow. If she thinks that you’re dumb enough to fall for her stories, she has zero respect for you and I’d watch my back and bank accounts if I were you…

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    Sorry that you feel you need so much attention. I have read your questions, and first you have a wife, then a fiance and then an ex-fiance and now a fiance again. You are not telling the truth about anything.

  • Bowhunting

    gold does sun bleach and diamonds NEVER expand. I really hope you are joking!

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    She sunbleached it, and made it expand?
    How OLD are you?
    Go back to school, and take a chemistry class…..

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