how to wire an antique phone to work ?

February 21, 2010 by admin  
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Phillip b asked:

how would you connect a antique telephone to work on the mordern telephone system ? ring and talk i'll make the call with another phone.


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2 Responses to “how to wire an antique phone to work ?”
  1. Tungsten Rings

    Easy, even the most modern telephone systems have analog line capabilities. Especially in a business scenario.
    If it’s at home , your lead wires green and red are your dial tone wires that make you phone work. Simple. Good luck.

  2. antique ring

    It would depend on the type of antique phone you have. Earlier wooden and magneto telephones (approx. 1920 or earlier) would have to be modified internally to work on todays telephone lines. Phones from the 20′s to the 60′s/70′s may have been wired for party lines and would require a ringer adjustment. If you have a VoIP or Cable Company telephone line the dial may not work with their equipment.

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