How much would a pink diamond ring cost?

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justsomegirl asked:


I am looking at engagement rings and I am thinking about a pink diamond.

How much would a ring like that cost? It can be a solitaire if the diamond is big enough.

Can I get a descent looking pink diamond ring for $1500 or less?

I doubt it, but you might know more!



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  1. Dog Supplies says:

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    Yes, for that much at least 1 carat

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    i doubt you can get one for $1500, but depending on the size you may be able to. colored diamonds have a different grading system than white diamonds, they don’t pay as much attention to inclusions or the way they are cut because they want to maximize size and color. If you are willing to take a very light pink diamond it will be cheaper, the more vivid the color the more expensive it will get. a setting in rose gold will make it look more colorful. if you prefer the pink over the diamond then a pink sapphire might be a good alternative for you. it would be much cheaper and sapphires are very durable, a 9 on the scale where a diamond is 10, and you could get a stronger color for your money. you will have to look around and see.

  4. diamond ring says:

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    The cheapest I was able to find was a 2 carat for $3800, it gives you a good idea of price, but it doesnt look like what you want!

  5. Camping Gear says:

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    how about purple?

  6. Bowhunting says:

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    Pink diamonds are a lot more rare than regular diamonds, so the price tags match that fact.

    Here are some examples from Blue Nile … very pricey!

    I am a great lover of pink myself, but my fiance wanted to get my a more traditional engagement ring (with a center diamond). So he custom designed a three-stone ring with a center diamond and pink sapphire side-stones. I LOVE it! And I am the envy of all of my pink-loving friends!

    Pink Sapphires are much less expensive than pink diamonds, and you have more selection of the range of pink you can choose. I have also heard that most pink diamonds are artificially coloured, so they aren’t really natural stones. Pink sapphires on the other hand are natural. So a ring with pink sapphires might be a better alternative.

    My sister-in-law’s engagement ring is three thin bands that make up the main band … the middle band is pink gold with pink diamonds (pave setting, very tiny chips of diamonds … it almost looks like sparkling dust … it’s very cool). But her setting cost almost as much as her 1.25 carat diamond!

    Here is a picture of my ring:

  7. diamond ring says:

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    an australian pink argyle diamond would be lovely. they are expensive and small. 1/2 carat is a large pink diamond.

    a natural pink sapphire would be lovely and hard wearing.

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