How much is a three ring, 14 karat gold ring worth?

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icecreamwithsprinkles asked:

I have a three ring 14 karat gold ring that I would like to know how much it is worth. Each ring is a different type of gold. The first is white gold, then yellow gold, and rose gold.
Wow, Thank you all for your answers!

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2 Responses to “How much is a three ring, 14 karat gold ring worth?”
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    I would say between $400 – $1000

  2. Video Games says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    The value of the gold in your jewelry is determined by purity and weight. You already told us the purity, 14K, which means 14/24, or 58.3% pure gold.

    The current spot price of gold is $877.80 / troy ounce, so if I divide that by 31.1 grams / troy ounce, and prorate 58.3%, I get $16.46 per gram. That is the value of the gold in your rings. The rings are potentially worth much more, but like anything else, they are worth whatever someone will pay you for them.


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