How much is a black oynx rock worth ?

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nitefary asked:

i bought a clas ring with a black oynx rock is it worth alot what exactly is a black onyx is it a juts a pice of rock?

and how much is it worth just by itself

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3 Responses to “How much is a black oynx rock worth ?”
  1. Garden Ponds Supply

    It’s not worth much by itself. It’s a semi-precious stone.

  2. Make Beer says:

    Air Furniture

    i don’t think it’s worth a lot because some people use it for their floors and it’s not rare, it resembles marble but it goes translucent when held against a light source
    onyx is found and mined for in turkey and pakistan. But reddy-orange onyx is worth a lot because it’s rare and made out of magnesium.
    btw, you can tell if the onyx is fake if you place the onyx item in boiling water with paint thinner; if the colour washes out then it’s a fake!

  3. Sporting Goods Archery

    20 to 40 dollars if you are Lucky
    in pounds 25 pounds is tha most yu will get

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