How much does a high school class ring cost?

February 18, 2010 by admin  
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Joseph P asked:

If I want to buy a class ring, I'm going to have to buy it myself. I just want a good idea what the costs are going to be like with different features and overall.

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    In the ball park of $200.00 depending on what you like and want on it.

  2. Mens Rings says:

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    The more elaborate the ring, the more expensive.

    The best place to check out the different options and the cost of each, you should go to Josten’s.

    From what I remember, they can range from 200 dollars, to upwards of 500.

    But another thing you should consider is, while it may be cool to buy a class ring, are you really going to be wearing it?? If you get it your senior year, are you going to stop wearing it when you graduate?

    My parents bought be a mid-range class ring, and all it is doing is collecting dust in it’s little case.

    But if it’s something you really want… go for it.

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