how is a wedding ring different from a regular ring?

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jesse291993 asked:

so i get that wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger symbolizing that one is married well as for the ring itself what makes a wedidng band different from a normal ring...why cant any ring be worn as a wedding ring?




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  1. Sterling Silver Boxes

    welll if your talking about engagment rings and then weddings bands?
    then usually when your proprposed to you recive an engagment ring, and then when you get married you add a band that your partner has a match too, its silly but i guess its just tradition now.

    hypothetically speaking you can wear any ring as a wedding ring, it dosnt have like certain borderlines :P

    hope that somewhat helped

  2. Bowhunting says:

    18K Gold Bracelet

    Since the engagement ring is where the REAL money is spent, and engagement ring is usually a simple band, maybe with a diamond set in it. Basically, it is just a ring. Buying a ring of the same metal as the engagement ring is really all that matters (platinum, yellow gold, white gold). Buying something called a “wedding ring” will always cost more than the exact same ring that just doesn’t have that title. Look for the ring, not the title.

  3. Camping Gear says:

    wedding ring

    It can if you choose to though wedding rings (or wedding bands as they are sometimes known) are usually just a simple circle of precious metal believed to be symbolic of unending love.

  4. Mens Rings

    Any ring *can* be worn as a wedding ring. There’s nothing particularly special about wedding bands except they’re traditional.

    Whatever ring you call your wedding ring is your wedding ring, regardless of its looks.

  5. Men’s Diamond Ring

    I personally think that any ring you’d like to be a Wedding Ring can simply be one.
    I am not so “Traditional” so I don’t really care what the customs were back then.
    I am wearing a WhiteGold Band with diamonds in it. =)

  6. Camping Gear says:

    Men’s Diamond Ring

    The only difference is that it is the ring that was used for the marriage ceremony and it should be made of a material – like gold or silver – that will last as long as the marriage.

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