How important is it for a married person to wear a wedding ring?

February 15, 2010 by admin  
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redhotinamerica asked:

I've notice that a married person does not wear a wedding ring.
I, especially, noticed that married men don't wear a wedding ring.

Dosen't a wedding ring symbolize your everlasting love to the person whom you're married to?

Doesn't a wedding ring symbolize the fact that you've forsaken others and that you're committed to that person until death do you part?

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14 Responses to “How important is it for a married person to wear a wedding ring?”
  1. Sterling Silver Boxes

    Well, if your like my fiance- he is not allowed to wear it to work because he could seriously hurt himself. Therefore I know he’s never going to wear it unless we are going out somewhere nice. My father also doesn’t wear his wedding band after almost cutting off his finger completely at work when the band hooked on to a piece of machinery. Luckily he only needs stitches because the band snapped and released his finger….

    It really depends on your life style and what type of work you do. Like all the clay artist I know, don’t normally wear bands because it’s more of a pain taking it off every time they have to work.

  2. Handmade Rings

    Yeah some guys have a legitimate excuse.of not being alowed to wear it for safety reasons at work.
    And other guys are just players…
    they dont want you to know they are married ……

  3. Camping Gear

    i do not wear mine because i got married young and after gaining muscle weight in boot camp it was too small, but have lost a lot of weight, maybe I will try it on again….guess what? just put it back on after 10 years…fits perfect…..thank you

  4. Handmade Rings

    Some men don’t wear their wedding rings because of their occupation. A wedding ring can get caught in equipment cause amputation. Some of these occupations include: mechanics, construction workers, machine operators. Some employers in the construction/mechanic arena absolutely forbid the wearing a ring for the safety of their employees. If a man gets used to not wearing their ring for work, he will not remember to put it on after work.

    Yes, I agree that both the man & woman should wear their wedding rings as it is a symbol of their committment to each other. It is definitely more common for a man not to wear his ring than a woman.

  5. Silver Belt Buckle

    in our culture the women wear a special chain to indicate that we are married. the men don wear any such thing.
    but i ve stopped wearing it long time ago and i dont think its because i love my husband any less. i just found it unnecessary.
    whether i choose to show others my love for my husband or not, does not affect the way we feel about eachother. thats more important.

  6. Camping Gear

    i agree with you, but people have different reasons for not wearing theirs. for example, some people have jobs where they work with their hands, and they choose to not wear their rings to make sure they don’t get damaged, and some employers of such jobs don’t allow any jewelry. if a ring got caught in some kind of machine, they could lose a finger. also, i’ve known several people who were waiters or bar tenders that didn’t wear their rings while working, because then they can flirt with their customers and get better tips.

  7. Camping Gear says:

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    Its personal preference really.

    A lot of jobs don’t allow you to wear any rings (such as maintenance, nursing, surgery, mechanics, food processing, etc…) Also, people who work a lot with their hands have a tendancy to damage their rings, so they don’t wear it at all times.

    The only time I don’t wear mine is when I’m either working on something or attending Tae Kwon Do/Weapons training.

  8. Mens Rings

    A wedding ring is a physical symbol of love and commitment. Not to wear one is just wrong. It display a lack of respect for your spouse and the marriage.

  9. Camping Gear

    I think I will proudly wear mine when we get married.
    My job or hobbies aren’t excuses not to wear them, but after reading a few of these answers, some people with certain jobs may have a difficult time or it may be risky for them to wear it.
    I can’t wait ’till I wear mine.

  10. Bowhunting

    the wedding ring means all those things. However most men that work with their hands do not wear it for protective reasons.

  11. 18K Gold Bracelet

    I have noticed men not wear them as well. I don’t understand that.

    Your interpretation of the wedding band is PERFECT!!!

  12. Bowhunting says:

    Silver Belt Buckle

    I dont know of any married people who dont wear their rings. Unless its required by their jobs that they dont wear them, usually that would be a job where they work with their hands and the ring causes a hazard, everyone wears their rings where I am from.

  13. Mens Rings

    I am allergic to metal (gold, silver) so I only wear mine when we are going somewhere special (and only for short periods of time). My husband’s job prevents him from wearing his. We don’t need rings to show our everlasting love or our commitment to each other-we know that in our hearts

    My husband is lucky that he has an excuse to refrain from buying jewelry