How does one make a titanium wedding ring fit?

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Lizzy-Beth asked:

My fiance recently received his titanium wedding ring in the mail. Unfortunately, he's between sizes. The size 9 fit comfortably over his large knuckles, but is too loose on the base of his finger. The 8 and 1/2 wouldn't fit over his knuckles at all. Since it's titanium, we thought it would be safe to get the 9 in order to account for future weight fluctuations, but it's way too loose right now.

What type of ring grips/guards are out there and which ones are the most effective/affordable?

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  1. Ear Ringing says:

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    you can go to walmart and buy a clear grip that slides under the band. I had to do it because out here they can’t make rings smaller than a 5 and im a size 4 1/2.

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    Wal Mart sells these clear rubber ring sizers that just make it fit better. They are like $1.50 for a pack of 10.

    #1 reason not to get titanium though!!

  3. Classic Car

    Get a ring guard to put on–you can usually find them at the jewelers for really cheap.

    Otherwise, the ring should fit comfortably over his large knuckle and be a little loose at the base–this means that it’s not too tight. If the only problem really is that it spins, then just go to the store and get a guard.

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    If you want a sizer that’s a little more discrete than the clear wraps, you could check with a local jeweler for a metal sizer. They just clip into the inside of the ring. Most jewelers will put one on for free.

    My husband has a tungsten ring and we had the same problem, as they can’t be sized either. The metal sizer seemed to do the trick for him.

    Good luck!

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