how do you wear your wedding rings engagement ring first or wedding band first?

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Get it togetha girl asked:

I have a bridal ring set which my hubby gave me,and it has a engagement ring and matching wedding band,which one do you wear first after marriage????? engagement ring first or wedding band first?

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11 Responses to “how do you wear your wedding rings engagement ring first or wedding band first?”
  1. wedding ring says:

    Vintage Classic Cars

    wedding band goes on first (b/c you aren’t ever supposed to take it off theoretically) then engagement

  2. wedding ring

    Wedding ring goes on first, closest to the heart

  3. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    wedding ring and than engagement ring ….congrats

  4. wedding ring

    i asked my pastor this sam question for my wedding he said that it should be the wedding band then the engagement ring…the wedding band goes closer to ur heart …. hope this helps…

  5. wedding ring

    The engagement ring goes first. Because if he has already proposed the engagement ring is allready on your finger when you step up to the altar. Then he places on the wedding band that completes your set. He doesn’t take it off and then put on the band and then put the ring back on. i have a bridal set and the engagement ring is first. Besides it’s up to you, what do you prefer? Which way does your ring look better?

  6. Camping Gear says:


    i wear mine with the wedding band on top of the engagement ring. i do not care how everyone else wears theirs. i want people to see my wedding band and see that i am married the other way around all they see is the engagement ring..

  7. Silver Belt Buckle

    wedding band first (closer to your heart) then engagement ring

  8. Bowhunting says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    Wedding band is always first. When you get married the wedding band goes on the finger. The engagment ring is just a ring that is not required for anything. (the purpose of the engagment ring is a token or promise, or gift from the man giving his promise to wed).

  9. Mens Gold Chain

    my mother always told me that the wedding band goes first because it’s closest to the heart.

  10. Handmade Rings

    wedding band first because it is closest to your heart, then the engagement ring.

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