How do I repair a titanium ring it’s scratched and skuffed?

May 23, 2010 by admin  
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tusbashi_seen asked:

Hello I bought my partner a ring at a estate sale and it's a titanium ring with a diamond and the band is old scartched and skuffed. How do u think I should repair it? I used a nail buffer and got some scartched out and made it shiny. But any ideas?

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    or you can take out the diamond and have it re-set.
    i mean, titanium is kinda crappy.

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    you might have to bring it to a professional to get it polished. They use several polishing compounds, starting at the coarsest and moving up to the finest. That way, they can remove scratches and build a lasting finish. You can try your luck, buffing and polishing yourself, but it will never really get to the professional finish.

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