How do I find retail value of a large sterling silver bracelet?

February 11, 2010 by admin  
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Jessica E asked:

I have a beautiful, 3 row, large sterling silver bracelet. It was given to me by someone close however due to our failing economy I need to pawn it, and I wanted to find out the retail value of it first, so I can see if perhaps selling it on the street would get more for it. Does anyone know a good site or something to find out how much it would be?
And, if you are going to be mean about your answer (donald) do not answer this, as I will report you for harrassment (Donald). I woud rather hear from people who dont have mouths full of nasty stuff. Thank you.

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    Have you thought of taking it to a nice jewelry shop and asking them? They should have someone who appraises jewelry there. That would be my thought. If they want you to leave it, just ask them for a guesstimate of value. Good luck.

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