Help deciding on a ring for my partner?

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LouLou asked:

I've seen a titanium one for £70 but on Ebay you can get an almost identical one for £2.95??? What is the difference between the titanium rings and how can they vary so much in price? I've seen some as high as £450 and they don't even have any precious stones? There all stamped with the same titanium hallmark. Please help me, i don't want to be taken for a ride!
I'm not buying from ebay i was looking on ebay out of curiosity and wondered about the differences. Even if i buy a £500 one, what's to say it's real? That's why i was asking. I would never buy a £3 ring for my partner...i'm not that much of a mug!

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    if you dont want to be “taken for a ride” dont buy such an important piece of jewelry off e bay. go to a jewelry store. dont be cheap!

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    Titanium is not terribly expensive, compared to other precious metals.

    The 3 pound one (I thought I had a pound key on my keyboard until today) is less than 1 pound per ounce of metal. The price you would pay is likely for the costs of working the metal, which with titanium is not easy, since titanium is very hard and somewhat brittle – it is prone to cracking and shattering during metalworking.

    Two “identical” rings which have such a vast price difference almost certainly means that one is counterfeit.

    I suggest you consult a jeweler. Most really don’t mind just discussing such things, even if you buy nothing from them, although they likely hope you will buy something from them. Ask to see their titanium rings – ask about pricing – about what makes them valuable.

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    Go directly to a jewelry store.Dont be cheap likewhat the Ebay advertise.

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    just remember you pay for what you get. some rings tend to fade and could have an allergic reaction to her finger. I get little red bumps if i where cheap stuff.

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    they probably are the same,when you buy a ring new they cost more!you could go to a jewelry store and spend alot of $ and try selling it right after and your not gonna get as much as you paid . thats just the way it goes! if you can get it cheaper go ahead.

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