Has anyone every got a Titanium or Tungston wedding band?

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rae asked:

Do they scratch easy and are they comfortable. My fiance really does not care about a ring to be honest. I can't see paying a lot of money for a ring and neither does he. We can use that money elsewhere. Before we buy one I was wondering your outlooks on them.

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  1. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    i don’t think they are supposed to scratch if i am correct. but you can never get them resized.

  2. Bowhunting

    They don’t bend or scratch easily, and they’re very lightweight. My husband has one. The bad thing is that he is not allowed to wear his at work, because if he injures his hand and his ring has to be cut off, they are nearly impossible to cut.

  3. titanium ring

    My husband & I have Titanium rings , VERY hard to scratch or bend .. an Very very comfortable !!

  4. Mens Rings

    At the jewelry store the strength of titanium is a big selling point, they were getting way overboard on the strength of it, until I asked “if a truck drove over my finger would this ring save it?” A ring will be comfortable if it’s the right size, material has little bearing on that. Titanium is a little harder to scratch than gold or white gold, but it’s tough or not possible to resize if I remember right

  5. Vintage Classic Cars

    i bought my husband a tungsten wedding band. he absolutely loves it and so do i. tungsten is a pretty heavy metal so even though the ring is not that big, it has a good size/weight to it which is good b/c my husband works construction and has to take it off often and put it on his key ring. with all of the work he does, it has never once scratched or anything. plus, it looks and feels really nice. the titanium ones felt too light and cheap to me, even though it is also pretty.

  6. Mens Rings says:

    Men’s Gold Bracelets

    Titanium or Tungsten bands are very beautiful and hold up well, but, if something happens….your husband has an injury to his hand, they cant cut the bands…the metal is too hard and cant be cut, so, maybe think about that. And, they are very expensive.

    You may want to consider a stainless steel band. They look good, don’t scratch, and since you aren’t wanting to spend a lot of cash on a ring, they are very reasonable. I bought a stainless band for my husband and it was only about $85.00. Its solid, and looks nice, and, if something happens to it, I wont be out hundreds of dollars.

    Hope that this helps…….good luck and congrats on the upcoming wedding.

  7. Handmade Rings

    My husband has a titanium band, and I have one too. We love them. His has such a cool pattern on it that even if it got scratched you wouldn’t know it.

    Check out

    I found that they were the best on price and very easy to work with if something was wrong. My husband chose the “crater” band in titanium with gold on the inside of the band. It looks awesome!

  8. Dog Supplies

    My husband loves his titanium band. It was inexpensive and it very comfy to wear. But like others said, they can’t be resized. I really wish, nearly 3 years later, that I’d gotten titanium too! They make really cool looking rings!

  • Mens Rings

    they are suposed to be very durable and scratch resistant- most men feel very manly with these because it’s a hard metal that ‘ships are made of’
    the only downfall- these metals are so hard that they cannot be resized- doesn’t seem so bad now but wait 40 years down the road when he’s got his cute old man belly and fat fingers the dont let the ring fit on. also in case of emergency- these rings are very hard to remove/cut off. but God willing that won’t happen.
    i’d say a white or yellow gold ‘comfort band’ would be good – it looks simple and can put up with quite a bit fo wear and tear and is comfy plus you can get it resized!

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