Green amethyst engagement ring?

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justsomegirl asked:

Would it be weird to get an engagement ring with a green amethyst gemstone in it? I have always really liked the stone and have found several rings I like. I guess I kinda don't want to go with the traditional. Will people think that it's not an engagement ring? Thanks so much!

Here are a couple of examples of what I like. I may not get these exact ones, but they are my style.

Add: What exactly is a cocktail ring? I have been wondering this.

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  1. Dog Supplies says:

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    People have colored diamonds pink, yellow, blue I think green would be great! It’s different and it’s your choice right!

  2. Video Games says:

    Dog Supplies

    It’s your ring and your finger, so if its what you want, get it. Personally, I think they look like cocktail rings.

  3. Dog Supplies says:

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    ? An engagement isn’t about the ring, its about the committment. If a green amethyst gemstone is what you love then I think its a perfect stone for you to have.

    Not everyone has traditional rings for the engagement. When my fiance & I got engaged I had to opt for a nice, but way less expensive (like department store), simple one and she loved it! I keep insisting I’d like to get her a new one now that we are more financially stable, but she refuses and says that the original ring is important to her & she wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  4. Camping Gear

    Its perfectly fine to have a colored stone in your engagement ring. The best part is not alot of people do it so your ring will be unique and special. It is your ring and it represents your relationship. You guys must be different and full of color :) Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks its your wedding and your ring. You want something that you will look at years from now and still love.

    best wishes

  5. emerald ring

    Those are gorgeous!

    I want a green amethyst ring very badly, but I wanted a diamond as my engagement ring.

    If you like it as an engagement ring, then get it.

    The only thing that you’ll have to think about is your wedding band. If you’re going to wear a band with your engagement ring, it might be hard to find one to match it. If you’re only going to wear your wedding band alone, then it doesn’t matter.

    The green amethyst rings are very large.

  6. Vintage Classic Cars

    If you want color, go for color!!!

    One thing I will warn you of is that Amethyst is a soft stone. On the Mohs hardness scale, it scores a 7 (diamond is 10, sapphire is 9). Any stone that scores below an 8 is generally considered too soft for normal day to day wear. If you’re tough on your rings, the stone could break and it wouldn’t take an especially hard hit to chip a green amethyst.

    I will also warn you that amethyst, especially green amethyst, is a very inexpensive stone… for those rings you linked, you’re paying for the setting, as the stone is probably not worth more than $10-20 and these stones are not very saturated (they aren’t strong in tone, which is generally what adds value to a stone). I’d also question the cut quality of these stones. You might want to look into green sapphires or tsavorite garnets if you like green. I’m posting a few links to excellent sites that carry high quality colored stones:

    As you will see from some of these sites, certain top quality colored stones sell for much more than diamonds. An excellent quality colored stone is much more rare, therefore much more valuable than your standard colorless diamond.

    Edit – I also wanted to let you know that there are a lot of creepy treatments done to colored stones…. there are also tons of fakes out there, especially on Ebay. Please read this article about gem treatment before you buy and make sure you know what you’re getting:

  7. Tungsten Rings

    I think those are beautiful! I don’t want a diamond if i ever get engaged. My ideal engagement ring would be my birthstone, which is the amethyst. I’d want the purple one though since purple is my favorite color.

  8. Dog Supplies says:

    Handmade Rings

    If you like it, go for it! They actually have quite a few new styles out at Kay and Littman Jewelers, and they’re just so so so pretty!

  9. Tungsten Rings

    I love both of those rings. My engagement ring was a sapphire surrounded by channel cut diamonds.
    Make sure the wedding band you have will fit with the ring.

    Congrats !

  10. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    This designer makes really lovely rings

    Engagement rings that aren’t diamonds are just as beautiful and its the meaning behind them that makes them even more beautiful.


  11. Video Games says:


    My engagement ring is an emerald. I chose it because I love emeralds more than diamonds. It shouldn’t matter as long as it makes you happy.

  12. Mens Rings

    That’s totally fine! However, be careful that you choose one which you will be able to match/fit a wedding band with…
    A cocktail ring is just a fancy dress ring.

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