Found Mens Ring outside in the snow?

April 3, 2010 by admin  
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bluemoon5149 asked:

I found what looks like a Men wedding ring out in the snow on the inside it says Ct 10K. The ring is damaged some but i think it can be fixed but is it even worth anything to fix it?

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  1. Vintage Earrings

    You should give it back to the person who dropped it. Wedding rings are precious things. Post some flyers, and also ask for for proff of ownership, whether that be a receipt, or a picture of him wearing it.

  2. Car History

    personally…perhaps the ring was damaged in a fight and he died…wouldn’t his wife want it? What if he took it off the cheat on his wife? don’t you think his wife would want it? take it to the cop shop and say you found it.

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