Does White gold look good after significant wear?

February 27, 2010 by admin  
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Ben P asked:

Does White gold look good after significant wear?

I am going to buy commitment rings for my partner and myself, and wanted to know if white gold was good for long time wear.




4 Responses to “Does White gold look good after significant wear?”
  1. white gold ring

    In my experience it wears just like Sterling Silver.

  • Sterling Silver Boxes

    My wedding ring is white gold and i have been wearing it everyday (through cleaning and my other daily tasks) and nothing about its appearance has changed

    so my answer would be yes it looks good after a a significant usage

  • Sterling Silver Boxes

    Just like yellow gold, white gold doesn’t change in appearance when it comes into contact with the grease and stuff that we get on our hands.

    You could bury the ring in the ground and a thousand years later it’d be exactly the same.

    That being said, yellow gold is better because white gold just looks like silver, yet costs a lot more.

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