Does my engagement ring look like a reproduction, or could it actually be antique?

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Delilah asked:

About a year ago I coached my fiance into getting me this engagement ring that I had spotted in a consignment shop. I couldn't care less if it was made out of swiss cheese, but I've been curious lately.

The center thing is for sure not a diamond. It's cut glass and shines with a purple-ish hue in natural, direct sunlight. I collect old bottles and I know that once clear bottles appear to be a shade of amethyst in the sun, but I have no idea if this translates to cut glass...
The side gems normally look like they could be onyx, but when held up to a strong light they are a brilliant cobalt blue.
The band is stamped STERLING and on the inside where the filigree rises up to meet the stones it's fairly smooth and a deeper shade of silver with slight varying in thickness.

I hope I gave y'all enough useful information! If not just let me know and I'll add whatever you need.
Thank you so much!
Ok so apparently I'm not allowed to share a link? The ring has swirling, grooved filigree coming up the sides and rising it up on the top.
Oy vey.... Stupid no link rule...
The top has 3 gems. It kind of looks like this >O< with the sides being the maybe-sapphire and the center being the cut glass.
The shots of the ring are my picture on my profile.

Thanks for being patient with me!!!

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