Does anyone make a black solitaire-style ring as an engagement alternative?

February 22, 2010 by admin  
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Russell S asked:

I want her engagement ring to be as unique as her so I am trying desparately to locate anyone who can either produce or has in stock a black ring (either black resin or black titanium, long as the ring itself is black) that can accept either a round or trillion moissanite. I think a gorgeous stone would contrast nicely with such a unique choice for a ring color. Everyone either has white/yellow gold or platinum but I really like the vision of an all-black band nestling a bright moissanite. If available, it will probably be a tension setting I'd gather since I can't imagine the material could be likewise, used for a prong set-up. Thanks for any help!

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One Response to “Does anyone make a black solitaire-style ring as an engagement alternative?”
  1. Vintage Classic Cars

    call up an anodizing facility, see what metal is best to bond to their anodization, take it in and get it anodized black like you would car parts…

    actually i think thats a pretty cool idea

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