Does anyone know about old Mason rings or what they are worth?

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slw asked:

The ring is a 14K gold mens with Mason Emblem and small center diamond on top. It has the # 32 on the side. Size is approx. 8-10. My Grandmother has it and someone told her it was a Collectors ring worth quite a bit of money. She wants me to list it in a local Bulletin Board for sale, but we have no clue what to ask for it. There are no appraisers close to where we live. Any help would be appreciated. I have looked on other sites but most of them are new rings and their customer service reps only know about what they sell.

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    this is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many variables when it comes to the valuation of jewelry, particularly antique jewelry: such as material (you mention 14k gold), the diamond itself (cut, clarity, carat, color) and the overall condition of the ring.

    the #32 on the side means he achieved the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite.

    i’m assuming its the square and compasses on the top, along with the diamond, correct?

    try searching eBay and do a google search to see if you can find something that looks similar, that might give you a starting point.

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