Does a diamond ring appreciate in value from the time it was purchased?

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Phil H asked:

I am interested in selling a diamond ring that I purchased 4 years ago. Does the diamond appreciate in value over time? If the ring is kept in excellent condition, would it now be worth the same amount (or more)?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!

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8 Responses to “Does a diamond ring appreciate in value from the time it was purchased?”
  1. 18K Gold Bracelet

    Not an appraise but probably worth the same…depends on cut and if blemish free

  2. Men’s Jewelry Rings

    No really, if you can make it as shiny as before .

  3. Men’s Gold Bracelets

    The gold in the ring may but I doubt if the diamond will.

  4. diamond ring says:

    Mens Rings

    it loses some of its value

  5. Video Games says:

    Silver Belt Buckle

    some do but most don’t.:(

  6. Video Games

    It can go up or down depending on market value. Have you seen a restaurant menu where the fish of the day says market value and doesn not have a price?

  7. Bowhunting

    I assume you bought it Retail.
    You are presumeably going to sell it back to a Retailler who will want to make a profit so will offer as close to wholesale as he can. 4 years is not really long enough for the current retail price to have risen sufficiently to make wholesale higher than the original retail.

  8. Mens Rings says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    This is a bit “tricky” to answer.

    In truth, YES…A Diamond Ring purchased (4) Years ago will have gone up in value if still in new shape, HOWEVER…..

    If you were to sell it, you most likely would not get what you paid into it.
    1) Average Mark-Up on Retail Jewelry is 400%.
    2) Most places that “buy” jewelry pay 20 cents on the Dollar
    3) The Diamond Price Market has only gone up around 10% in the last (4) Years
    4) Although the Gold Market has increased sharply, a Ring usually only contain 4-7 grams of metal. Not enough to warrant a sharp price increase.

    The reason I say “YES” is that if you were to go to the same store and “re-buy” you ring, you would pay more based on these aspects.

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