Do you think its ok for guys to wear rings?

February 26, 2010 by admin  
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The_Reporter asked:

I've always had this thing for guys wearing rings (as in i find it wierd. Im a guy). But waht do girls think?

Im thinking of getting a ring, but what kind? What gem stone? I like emerald, but my birthstone is Topaz.

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7 Responses to “Do you think its ok for guys to wear rings?”
  1. Handmade Rings

    Do what makes you happy, but personally I think a man wearing a ring with a gemstone on it is kind of gay looking….if you are gay, then go foe it, but if you are trying to attract women I would not wear one

  2. Sterling Silver Boxes

    i think its ok :) as long as the ring isnt HUGE or too girly then its fine… are you going to get one thats classy or more modern/stylish?

  3. Silver Cigarette Cases

    Silver, simple rings on men are hot…but gold on a guy looks bad (my opinion-and i work in fashion industry so listen to me:))
    So no stones,..keep it silver and simple and you’ll rock;)

  4. Video Games says:

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    You can get rings for men. My father has a ring with diamonds and emerald in it. I say that men are strong for wearing rings and it shows women what a real man is.

  5. Mens Gold Chain

    no, i find it a bit odd, but just do what you want. i prefer guys w/ bracelets, and by bracelets i mean something w/ leather or some random string and not metal.

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